Paul Peterson Company


The Paul Peterson Company proudly distributes for Wanco, Incorporated. Wanco has continually strived for innovation toward more environmentally friendly traffic control devices like the W|ECO arrowboard.

The W|ECO™ Arrowboards are the most power-efficient in the industry. Through innovative engineering, this approach makes possible a unique power system that uses fewer and smaller batteries. The result is a remarkable new technology that benefits the environment without sacrificing performance. W|ECO Arrowboards set the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry.



  • Fewer and smaller batteries
  • Consumes 66% less power
  • Contains 80% less lead
  • Sealed batteries will not leak or spill, and require no maintenance
  • Decreased charging time saves energy and downtime
  • Reduced battery weight saves fuel
  • Manufacturing process emits near-zero VOCs
  • Nearly every component can be recycled


  • High-output amber LEDs legible up to 1 mile (1.6 km)
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Heavy-duty hand-winch with safety brake allows one person to raise board
  • Single locking device holds arrow board in place while operating and during transport
  • Controller located safely away from work zone traffic
  • Weather resistant control box cover has lockable slam-latch
  • Control box outputs have short-circuit protection, helping prevent blown transistors
  • Positive-drive voltage system applies power to lamps only when lit
  • Power system includes resetting dual circuit breakers, reverse polarity protection, and low-voltage disconnect
  • Solar charging system features solid state voltage regulator with charge indicator
  • Arrow display has automatic and manual dimming, with flash rates of 30 to 40 per minute
  • Tires are standard 15-inch bias ply
  • In travel position, unique design supports board without rear braces, reducing possibility of damage during transport
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements
  • Meets MUTCD
  • NTPEP tested


Approx. 990 lbs. (450 kg)


Trailer MIG-welded, 2.5-inch square steel tubing
Arrow board Aluminum sheet and welded channels
Coating Powder-coated and oven-baked
Axle assembly 2000-lb. capacity tubular axle
5-hole 4.5-inch bolt circle pattern on idler hub
60-inch wheel track
Double eye leaf springs, 1200-lb. capacity per spring

Standards compliance

MUTCD type C


Battery type Sealed, leak- and spill-proof absorbed glass mat (AGM)
Battery voltage 12 V dc
Battery capacity 75-125 Ah total
Number of batteries Three or four
Solar charging One or two solar panels
Solar panel regulation 50 W on 15-light arrow boards; charge controlled via arrow board control panel


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